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it’s time to take your health into your own hands.

you’d be amazed at the difference we can make together.

Essential Oils
Lindsey Pernell is the massage therapist I've always hoped to find: exceptionally skilled, intensely present, thoughtfully quiet. She uses her hands like precision instruments - intuitively seeking out and isolating my problems areas and then applying the perfect amount of pressure. After each session with Lindsey, I leave feeling like I've had a deeply meaningful and therapeutic mind-body-heart experience.
- Rebecca Goldsmith
Lindsey is excellent at what she does. Her knowledge and experience gives her clientele the top of the line care. Her specialty in low back pain treatment shows her sincerity and concern that her clients have a healthy path to a better daily life. She has been treating me for a chronic low back and lower leg injury. I am so pleased to have the improvement I am already experiencing. I recommend her to all my horse enthusiasts. She's the best!
- Karol Read
In the many, many years I've been getting massage, I've relished those rare individuals who could get at the most stubborn tension spots while paying attention to my comfort. Lindsey is strong and has an innate sense of where to go and what's the right technique and pressure to apply. I don't go back to even the most pleasant massage person if they can't help me make some progress with my body. With Lindsey, it's just a bonus that she's a delightful person to be around for an hour.
- Gordon Becker
Go see Lindsey Pernell !!! As a childhood cancer survivor now in my early fifties, I am well versed in physical therapists and massage therapists. As an individual on the fixed income of Social Security Disability, it is imperative I spend my money wisely. Lindsey is extremely knowledgeable, extremely skilled, and extremely relaxing to be around. Her sincerity and focus towards your well being is evident from the start, as is her professionalism.
- Ted Cahill

Working with Lindsey as a health coach, has given me a deeper understanding of my body. Her gentle approach and vast knowledge helped to lead me to a true willingness to explore options for health improvement. She helped me to see that small consistent changes can offer big rewards!!! She helped me to eliminate significant pain from inflammation, and to identify foods that triggered indigestion. Her suggestions and gifts continue to support me on my journey of self-discovery! Thank you Lindsey.

- Teresa Miller Hurley

As a Health Coach, Lindsey was an excellent listener and redirector when I got off track of the topic at hand. She is smart, funny and was committed to finding what would work for me. During the program I lost five pounds and increased my energy and productive time by 30%. The program allowed me to find the root of my eating patterns. Now I feel I can understand and address my eating patterns, rather than letting them control me.

- Nylah Golden Hazard

Lindsey is knowledgeable about good nutrition and healthy food. She's cheerful, patient, willing to tackle difficult or controversial subjects with humility and kindness, generous and willing to admit she doesn’t have an answer to a question but will research it. She follows through on what she promises to do, provides verbal and written encouragement, is organized, and is genuinely concerned for the well-being of her clients.

- Bob VanLaan